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Arnau Obiols

Contemporary Traditional Music from Catalan Pyrenees

La Seu d'Urgell / Espanha

Sinopse Promocional
Tost is Arnau Obiols latest solo project. It is a personal and contemporary approach to the sounds and traditional music from the Catalan Pyrenees. A song daughter of the forest, the trees, the birds and everything that has rooted and echoed in these mountains. Tost is also a river, a valley and an uninhabited village in Alt Urgell. His grandfather, a shepherd and livestock dealer, was from that valley. His workmates nicknamed him Tost because of his origin. Tost is a contemporary chant, a homage to the land, to the closest things, to what is common to everybody but from no-one in particular. Arnau Obiols invites us now to join this intimal sound rite. A primitive while modern art.
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Arnau Obiols


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