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French songs

Annemasse / França

Sinopse Promocional
It is the project of creation that will stir the soul and the body,like a hymn to life, a "joyful insolence". Lümé was born into a musical family ! Lümé desire to bring the strength and breath of each musician and to inspire us with all the winds of the Travel. With a mature and grown up writing coming from the world, from its accents, its magic and its beauty, coming from love letters too... remained lurking in the shadow of a drawer of fear, then one day became timid enough to fly away in music to your ears and to tell you about the intimate, the living. The firm intention to keep smiling and sunshine to offer, despite the rain, with the rain...and the birds singing.
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Formação do grupo

Stéphanie Quastana
Musician - clarinet and saxophone
Jonathan Delachaux
Musician - guitarist
Alexandre Saintives
Musician - double bass
Nicolas Penz
Musician - drums
Florent Tissot
Musician - guitar banjo
Sebastien Venturini


Músicas do grupo