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Mediterranean Serenade

Marseille / França

Sinopse Promocional
Zakouska "La Criée/Clamor-Market" Zakouska is a french quartet playing music of the mediterranean area. For their third album waves, seas, sadness and freedom are calling. The four musicians offer a fresh look at an old tradition by ingeniously playing with the standards of french and greek serenade, balkan fire and turkish galaxies. The pieces are either singing or yelling the moods of the fish-markets of Marseilles, Athens and Istanbul. All these harbors take place on stage for a creative and generous musical journey...
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Formação do grupo

Accordion, voice
Arthur Bacon
Violin, lyra, voice
Aline Haelberg
Violon, voice
Elodie Messmer
Guitar, guitar fretless, voice
Fabien Bucher


Músicas do grupo